About me

I'm an Assistant Professor of Hispanic Linguistics in the Department of Spanish and Portuguese at The Ohio State University. 

I hold a PhD in Linguistics from the The University of Chicago, and a B.A. in Literature and Linguistics from Universidad de Buenos Aires.

I specialize in syntax, its interfaces with semantics and morphology, and experimental linguistics. My research interests include ellipsis, islands, resumptive pronouns, and nominal morphology, among many others.

I'm an affiliated faculty at the Center for Latin American Studies at OSU.

News & Updates

Oct 12-14, 2023. Talk. [handout]
Universal todo(s), quantification, and domain restriction in Spanish.
w/Fernando Carranza
2023 Hispanic Linguistics Symposium

Oct 12-14, 2023. Talk. [slides]
A new elliptical construction in Spanish: Topic-Remnant Elided Polar Questions
2023 Hispanic Linguistics Symposium

stigliano.4 AT osu DOT edu